Whose Ready for Mayhem??

Plans are already afoot for this year’s Murder Mystery?  Lots of secret goings on as the cast gets ready to wow you again this year with their selection for “murder and mayhem” in Kendall!!!

Tickets are already on sale at the following locations:

Kendall Co-Op                                                                                                                            Kendall Fastrip                                                                                                                           Kendall Library                                                                                                                         And, as always, from any KAACO member or cast member.

Can it be true. . . . .

That summer is almost over????  Where did it go?? As you can tell, I obviously have not been very good at keeping everyone up-to-date with schedule changes.  Sorry.  Hope no one missed the ice cream social and concert in the park last week.  I’ve heard a good time was had by all!

As to more schedule changes, they are as follows–The Murder Mystery is Friday, 15 August 2014 starting at 6 p.m. and the Holiday Fair is Friday AND Saturday, 7 & 8 November 2014; not just Friday, 7 November 2014 as earlier reported.  And, don’t forget the Colors of Kendall – Autumn Ridge Tour on Saturday, 11 October 2014!!

Well, that ought to give everyone a few things to do for the rest of the summer and fall.  Enjoy!!!


Whose ready for 2014?

Now that summer is almost upon us (?)–at least we hope so–let’s see what’s in store for events.

Right around the corner is our Garden Tour on Saturday, July 19th. Then in August we have 2 spectacular events scheduled. The always exciting “who dun-it” and a concert. The Murder Mystery will be Friday, August 8th and the Concert will include an ice cream social on Wednesday, August 20th. Please don’t miss either event!!!!

Then our always expanding and always fun fall event, the Colors of Kendall Festival, will be Saturday, October 11th.

We round out the year with the ever popular Kendall Holiday Fair on Friday, November 7th. Get an early start on your holiday shopping here!!

More details will be forthcoming so stay tuned!!

Just to recap. . .

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any information here. Hope everyone had a GREAT winter and is ready for some more fun in our little section of “God’s Country”!

Just to recap: Our mission has been to promote arts and culture in the greater Kendall area, and to generally promote Kendall.

Our events have included Colors of Kendall fall festival, the Autumn Ridge Tour of local artisans and rural highlights, community concerts, an April Fool’s party night, Holiday Craft Fair at Christmas.

We held an auction of works by local artists last fall, to benefit Judi Pulaski and help meet costs of her second kidney transplant.

We have committed to helping fund new welcome signs at the edge of town.

And, we have funded a Shakespeare in the Schools program at Royall reaching all grades and coordinated by the Kendall Public Library.

We are gradually saving funds for our vision of a self-supporting venue in Kendall which might include the library, art display space, mid-sized meeting and event space, etc.

Don’t Miss a Thing!! Check the Schedule!!


12 OCTOBER 2013


   8:00 – 9:30  Trail Tours

 10:00 – 2:00  Pioneer Games with Jarrod Roll

 10:30   St. Luke’s Salute to Cemetery Veterans

 11:00   Dead Men Talking with Karen Parker

 12:00   Dead Men Talking with Karen Parker

   1:00   Kevin Alderson, author of Letters to Sarah (Civil War)

 Local Interest

 9:00 -11:30  Tours at Kustom Kraft Laser

 All Day – Handmade canoe, model train, face painting

 1:00  St. Luke’s Church Salute to Cemetery Veterans

 1:00    Euchre tourney at Hidden Inn

   1:30  T.M. Vernier, author of Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox

   2:00  Art auction benefit for artist Judi Pulaski


  9:00  Leroy Peterson

 10:00-1:00  Julie Patchouli

   1:00  Jim Goebel

For Kids

10:00 – 2:00   Pioneer Games

 11:00   T-shirt spin paint

 12:00  Sawdust pile and games at Kickback Bar & Grill

 12:30   T-shirt spin paint

 1:00  – 3:00  Bowling at Thunder Alleys

Read all about it–Colors 2013 Coming Up!!


Colors of Kendall 20131243934_621115037938750_1687331530_o

Read all about it!!  Here is a concise look at this year’s festivities written by our own Sally Dana.

This year’s Colors of Kendall festival on October 12 is gearing up for a full day, with three local authors, two sets of actors, and one home winery tour.  The Trail Depot is festival central, with music, vendors, food, Carlton Peterson’s handmade canoe, face-painting, pioneer games for kids sponsored by the local history room, and an art auction benefit for local artist Judi Pulaski.

The Autumn Ridge Driving Tour map has several stops just blocks from downtown Kendall, including a painter, “sheep to shawl” demonstrations including live sheep, morning tours of Kustom Kut Laser’s art and tools in the industrial park along Highway 71, and relaxation with Lee Wyttenbach’s new wine.  Murray Dairy with goat lotion and soap, and Dave Woodworth’s hot rod collection, will be hosting again, along with a historical Salute to Veterans at St. Luke’s country church.

If you dream of publishing a book, come visit in the trail greenway with Kevin and Patsy Alderson, who recently published Letters to Sarah, from a civil war soldier, or with T.M. Vernier, author of Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox which begins the Dick Smith crime series.  Returning again are the Dead Men Talking actors, relating tales of Kendall and the train history under the direction of Indomitable Pluck author Karen Parker.

The focal point of the day is an art auction at 2:00 pm in the gazebo of Central Park, near the Depot.  Artists who have studied at Judi Pulaski’s rural painting studio, or know Judi’s outgoing positive attitude, have donated their work to help with costs of Judi’s upcoming kidney transplant.  She is currently on dialysis, and volunteer drivers take her to LaCrosse three days a week.

Come get a ride down the bike trail and through the tunnel, complete with train history narrated by Dave Heilman, but note that the first group loads in town at 7:45 am and the last at 9:30 am.   There are plenty of kids activities this year with the highlighted pioneer games plus a spin paint option, bowling at Thunder Alleys, and sawdust pile at Kickback Bar and Grill.  And any adult who can’t stand all the excitement can claim a seat at the euchre tourney which John Cox is organizing at Hidden Inn.


8:00-9:30  Bike Trail Tours

9:00-11:30  Tours at Kustom Kut Laser

9:00 Leroy Peterson’s Music

10:00 -2:00 Pioneer Games for Kids

10:00-1:00 Julie Patchouli’s Music

10:30  St. Luke’s Salute to Veterans (rural)

11:00  Dead Men Talking actors at the Depot

11:00  and 12:30  Spin Paint for Kids

12:00  Dead Men Talking

12:00  Sawdust Pile at Kickback

1:00 St. Luke’s Salute to Veterans (rural)

1:00  Bowling at Thunder Alleys

1:00  Euchre Tourney at Hidden Inn

1:00  Jim Goebel Music

1:00  Kevin Alderson, Letters to Sarah

1:30  T.M. Vernier, Feckenmeyer’s Mailbox

2:00  Art Auction at the Gazebo

3:00  Last chance for vendor booths